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TFHL is careful to avoid player conduct detrimental to the league. TFHL will be vigilant about patterns of disruptive behavior, including but not limited to verbal abuse, excessive yelling, foul language, unsafe play, intimidation, sexual harassment, and damage to playing facilities.

Players will first be given a formal verbal warning. If troubling behavior continues, the player will be given a formal written warning, sent over email, and will require a response by the player to acknowledge they have received the warning.  If behavior still does not change, the TFHL Board reserves the right to remove the player from the league, either through suspension or permanent expulsion.


TFHL game Jerseys are the property of TFHL.

During the Spring and Fall season, jerseys must be returned at the end of every game. If a player neglects to return a jersey, they are not able to play again until the jersey is returned.  Jerseys are to be returned in a suitable condition and showing only expected wear and tear. Damaged or missing jerseys will result in a player being charged a $20 fee and unable to play until this fee has been paid in full.

During Summer and Winter leagues, jerseys must be returned to TFHL (to a board member or captain) by the end of the season, in a suitable condition and showing only expected wear and tear. Damaged or missing jerseys will result in a player forfeiting their $20 deposit collected during registration.


All players need to pay in full before playing in any season.

Fees are non-refundable.

If a player signs up and pays and then finds him or herself unable play prior to the start of the season, TFHL might apply those fees to a future season. If that future season costs more than the lost / skipped season, the player will be responsible for the additional fees, prior to play.

No Shows

In order to accommodate both members and drop ins and to fill our rosters, TFHL must be informed in advance if a player (member or drop-in) who has signed up to play can no longer attend an event (not including practice/pick up days).  Players who sign up during the Spring and Fall season for scrimmages, games, play-days -- i.e., events with a fixed number of spots-- but who later realize they cannot attend must either change their status on the attendance sheet in advance or inform in advance a TFHL board member via text who is attending the event.  If the player chooses the latter option, then you must also receive confirmation from the board member that your message was received in time, otherwise it will still count as a “no show.” For this reason, we highly recommend downloading the “sheets” app, which will allow you to edit the attendance sheet through your phone.  

The deadline for notification will be posted on the schedule/attendance sheet, please see the “cancel by” row.  Players who fail to meet this deadline will receive a formal written warning. Each additional “no show” in a season will incur a penalty of $20, and the player will not be able to play again until this fee has been paid in full.  


TFHL’s board will have no more than seven board members at one time. If a board member steps down, the remaining members can appoint a suitable replacement. On issues requiring a vote, the President gets two votes if there is a tie.